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ET Smash

Ice Age



Joe vs Armageddon: Vengeance

Strike Force Heroes

Space Bubbles

Bieber Ragdoll

Jungle Treasures 2 : Tombs of Ghosts

Stick Figure - Smash 2

Red Storm

Malle and Lenny

Goblin Defence

TDP4 Team Battle

Mad Arrow
Mad Arrow
Place your men to kill the robbers
Category: Strategy | Source: Mad Arrow | Plays: 27910 | Score: 5.0000

Malle and Lenny
Jump over objects, push boxes, and hammer things. You can hammer environment to kill enemies.
Category: Adventure | Source: Malle and Lenny | Plays: 15332 | Score: 5.0000

Shoot and kill terrorists to retain the nuclear missles.
Category: Shooting | Source: Infiltration | Plays: 13795 | Score: 5.0000

Gameplay: Kill all spammers. Survive 25 waves and win, or compete other players in Survival mode for longest survival time. Game features: Sound and blood splashes could be turned off. Different types of enemies and allies. Four types of bonuses/powerups. Five types of "bad bonuses". Seven weapon types. Weapon overheat. Two play modes - Survival and Waves. In-game pause and pause when mouse out of game screen.
Category: Shooting | Source: ParaSpammer | Plays: 13265 | Score: 5.0000

Pawel and the Teutonic Castle
Pawel is a young Polish knight who wants to get rid of the Teutonic knights that have invaded his land. Use your mouse to select and kill the enemies and the keyboard to move left or right.
Category: Shooting | Source: Pawel and the Teutonic Castle | Plays: 12399 | Score: 5.0000

Color Buster
ColorBuster it´s a Puzzle Game, where you need to destroy monsters to take his colors. Mix the Color Monsters to make the Stage Objective Color! Play in the ENDLESS Mode for maximum score, or in the STORY Mode for kill the bosses and see the ending movie!
Category: Shooting | Source: Color Buster | Plays: 10793 | Score: 5.0000

Teelombies Infection
Teelombies Infection is a hybrid of two popular Flash games: Crush the Castle and Infectonator. The game has you launching zombies into densely populated buildings to infect humans. In each level, you must infect and kill a target number of humans in order to unlock the next stage. Collect coins from your victims before they disappear and spend them on upgrades that will make it easier for you to spread the infection.
Category: Puzzles | Source: Teelombies Infection | Plays: 10716 | Score: 5.0000

Dragon Fire
kill enemy dragons, red flame increases hp, yellow flame increases mp
Category: Shooting | Source: Dragon Fire | Plays: 9591 | Score: 5.0000

kill ufo's
Category: Action | Source: Patrol | Plays: 6488 | Score: 5.0000

Kill Those Mosquitos
A timewaster in all its glory, Kill Those Mosquitos!
Category: Action | Source: Kill Those Mosquitos | Plays: 4288 | Score: 5.0000

Space Shooter
Arrow keys move your space ship and the space bar fires. Kill as many enemies as you can to win.
Category: Shooting | Source: Space Shooter | Plays: 3795 | Score: 5.0000

Squirt Man
A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell, as have all life-forms. Everyone and everything has mutated into horrible horrible creatures. You too have been turned into a mutant, but with one notable difference - you have big guns and a funky slime powered jet pack unit! It's a battle for survival. You need food, the other mutants need food, it's either you or them. Kill anything and everything that gets in your way and maybe, just maybe you'll get through the nuclear holocaust alive. Choose from your stash of weapons to kill the mutants. Each weapon gains XP points the more enemy you kill. Look out for power-ups after you kill the enemy, you're going to need 'em. Good luck!
Category: Shooting | Source: Squirt Man | Plays: 46706 | Score: 4.0000

Morality Wars V1.2
Left-click to shoot. Kill all of the Fibs from attacking the Kidunots. There are 250 to kill at the moment and you can use the Tech buttons the more kills you obtain. The last button fully restores your health.
Category: Shooting | Source: Morality Wars V1.2 | Plays: 30855 | Score: 4.0000

Space Bubbles
Click on the evil green Space bubbles within the time limit to kill the other bubbles!
Category: Action | Source: Space Bubbles | Plays: 15326 | Score: 4.0000

Grand Theft Raj
Kill the chavs but don't kill the OAPs!
Category: Shooting | Source: Grand Theft Raj | Plays: 10925 | Score: 4.0000

Industrial Tower Defence
You, as a factory manager, have a rival, Evil Bob, whom is trying to take down all your factories. You can build a variety of towers, upgrade your technology, or build more factories. Can you prevent Evil Bob from destroying your career?
Category: Action | Source: Industrial Tower Defence | Plays: 10402 | Score: 4.0000

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