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Color Blaster
Desolation 2
This game is based on desolation 1. Even if the gameplay is diffrent and that this game is made with some pictures, the story line follow the first game. In this one, you're out to find the remedey to clear off every infected citizen. In this game, you will have at your disposal three great weapons. A M16 Assault Rifle, Glock 17 and a combat knife. Only thing, you got to find somme ammo because when you get to the bunker, there's a path of dead zombies behind you! Try to survive this intense and amazing horror - suspense flash game!
Category: Shooting | Source: Desolation 2 | Plays: 23179 | Score: 5.0000

Vampire Skills
Let’s train the vampire skills in this original puzzle game from FastGames and BeGamer. Click the symbols of the vampire skills and use them in the enviroment.
Category: Adventure | Source: Vampire Skills | Plays: 23126 | Score: 5.0000

Mini Train
Your goal is to get the train into the tunnel in this fun physics-based puzzler.
Category: Puzzles | Source: Mini Train | Plays: 21383 | Score: 5.0000

Replicate and transform the given pattern as fast as you can! Contains 6 levels.
Category: Puzzles | Source: Replica | Plays: 19316 | Score: 5.0000

Estimate It
You have 10 seconds to estimate the number of items you see on the screen and guess it, you must guess more than 75% correct to finish a level. You get extra score if you guessed above 90%
Category: Puzzles | Source: Estimate It | Plays: 17316 | Score: 5.0000

The Milk Quest
Help the little cat to find the milk treasure. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.
Category: Puzzles | Source: The Milk Quest | Plays: 15061 | Score: 5.0000

Rabbit Rustler
The mean farmer is breeding cute rabbits to bake into his pies. Steal them away to a safer place!
Category: Puzzles | Source: Rabbit Rustler | Plays: 14748 | Score: 5.0000

Pero Pero Puyo Puyo
Pero Pero Puyo Puyo is a puzzle game, a very funny version of the old Puyo Puyo this time with some items that makes it even more funny
Category: Puzzles | Source: Pero Pero Puyo Puyo | Plays: 14733 | Score: 5.0000

Tower Blaster
Build a tower by placing blocks numerical progression from low at the top to high at the bottom of the tower. Finish your tower before the Vikings finish their tower. Replace the blocks of your tower so that they are in order. If you do not want to use the open block, try the mystery block. You will receive bonus points if you place blocks in the exact order. For example: Placing 10 above 11. At the end of the level you will receive bonus points for finishing the level and bonus points based on how high the number is at the top of your tower.
Category: Puzzles | Source: Tower Blaster | Plays: 14348 | Score: 5.0000

Puzzle game with a twist (and a flip). Swap, mirror, flip and rotate the pieces to solve the puzzle.
Category: Puzzles | Source: Lupezz | Plays: 13424 | Score: 5.0000

Harry The Hamster
Help Harry the hamster build tunnels to get safely home past the hungry cat.
Category: Action | Source: Harry The Hamster | Plays: 12557 | Score: 5.0000

Bugs Bunny 1
An amusing puzzle game
Category: Puzzles | Source: Bugs Bunny 1 | Plays: 11959 | Score: 5.0000

Click and drag to slide the Chromas into position – try to line all of them up with the Power Cells to complete the circuit and the level!
Category: Puzzles | Source: Chromatronix | Plays: 11076 | Score: 5.0000

Capsules is a kind of web 2.0 puzzle game. All the levels are designed by the collaborative work of pepere.org members. Grab all the blue capsules and avoid the red ones.
Category: Puzzles | Source: Capsules | Plays: 10854 | Score: 5.0000

Color Buster
ColorBuster it´s a Puzzle Game, where you need to destroy monsters to take his colors. Mix the Color Monsters to make the Stage Objective Color! Play in the ENDLESS Mode for maximum score, or in the STORY Mode for kill the bosses and see the ending movie!
Category: Shooting | Source: Color Buster | Plays: 10815 | Score: 5.0000

Knuckleheads! Use your noggin to bash enemies and collect bonus points on your way to the top of the leaderboard!
Category: Action | Source: Knuckleheads | Plays: 9433 | Score: 5.0000

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